Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals (ISAP) is a Not-for-Profit Organization working since 2001 and is registered under Section 25 of the Indian Companies Act. ISAP was set up by a group of Agriculture and Management Professionals with the aim to enhance livelihood opportunities for rural communities. ISAP has more than 300 dedicated full-time associates spread across 25 field offices in 18 states of India. Having worked for more than a decade in agriculture extension, ISAP has expanded its domain strengths and partnerships to contribute towards holistic rural development.

During its journey of more than a decade, ISAP has been able to make considerable impact on the lives of rural communities in general and among these BPL families and small farmers in particular. The outreach of ISAP's interventions covers more than one million rural families, 5,000 villages, 100 districts in 18 states of India. ISAP has more than 250,000 members on its facebook page and uses the strength of social media to reach out to the communities on important rural and agrarian issues. While agriculture and agri-entrepreneurship remains at the core of ISAP's program and work, it uses a partner driven approach to implement programs in other sectors viz. Rural Development, Water & Sanitation, Renewable Energy, Health, Low cost Housing through various partners.


Silver Jubilee Celebration at SFAC
To commemorate the completion of 25 years, Small Farmers Agribusiness Consortium(SFAC), New Delhi, organized Silver Jubilee celebration function. Five Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs) promoted by ISAP participated in the celebration on 17 January 2019. Two FPCs, Bhiwani Green Farmer Producer Company Limited (BGFPCL)) from Haryana and Jai Tirthraj Farmer Producer Company Limited (JTFPCL) from Rajasthan were felicitated for their significant contribution in income enhancement of farmers in their respective clusters and were also presented with Certificates of Appreciation by Honorable Agriculture Minister, Sh. Radha MohanSingh.

Bhiwani Green FPCL is formed under Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH) and Jai Tirthraj FPCL is formed underVegetable Initiative for Urban Cluster (VIUC).Both are centrally sponsored project, with the guidance of SFAC and ISAP,these two FPCs are greatly working for the rural upliftment and the income generation of the farmers in their respective areas. BGFPCL deals in perishables (output trading of vegetables) and milk products. JTFPCL is primarily into input business (seed, fertilizers and pesticides).

Participation in International Trade Fair 2019

South Indian Natural Farm Producer Company Limited (SINFPCL) Bidar, Karnataka supported by NABARD and promoted by ISAP participated in Organics & Millets International Trade Fair at Palace Ground Bengaluru from 18.01.2019 to 20.01.2019. Farmers from Raichur, Dharwad, Mysore, Badagaon, and other adjoining areas of Karnataka also participated in the fair. SINFPCL put up a stall of organic millet, organic pulses and organic jaggery in this fair and sold out products of worth INR 50,000 in 3 days. It was a great opportunity for SINFPCL for networking and to showcase their products to potential buyers.


Apiary (beekeeping) promotion in Rajasthan

ISAP is working with the small and marginal farmers in Southwest Rajasthan with the objective of income enhancement through holistic agriculture extension supportand promotion of Integrated Farming System (IFS). This project is sponsored by OCP, Foundation. Apiary is one of the components promoted under Integrated Farming System (IFS) in this project. A honey processing unit has been commissioned at Hindoli. Total 120 farmers are trained and supported for bee-keeping under the project.

Of late, convergence of apiary program has been done with Sweet Honey Mission Program (SHMP) of Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC). Under this scheme, 60 more farmers in Nainwa and Hindoli blocks have been added under this program. These farmers are provided 600 honey bee boxes along with tool kit and training for honey production.Farmers can’t be more than happy with this kind of intervention as it is adding up to their income. This has kindled interest in other farmers for apiary.

This intervention was captured by print media and covered by National TV Channel – DD News Rajasthan. The program can be viewed through link-

SunharaPrayas Project

ISAP is working with banana and mango growers in Sitapur district of Uttar Pradesh with the support of Walmart to enhance income of farmers through adoption of innovative technologies and Value Chain Development (VCD).
ISAP organized training programs on INM, IPMand Safety Measures for the proper use of fertilizers/pesticidesat Farmer Resource Center, Tedhaikhurd, Sidhauli. Video documentation at various stages is done to capture the different activities such as harvesting, cutting, netting, etc. of banana and mango so that it can be used to train the farmers in future.

Overall the farmers were benefitted with the best package of practices for their crop.

Hunar’ Skills Training Program - John Deere

ISAP has initiated the Hunar Skills Program in Dharwad region of Karnataka, Bhopal region of Madhya Pradesh and Nagpur/Akola regions of Maharashtra funded by John Deere with the objective to provide training on operations and maintenance of tractors and combines, as a means to improve livelihoods and increase qualified labor force in remote markets.
“Hunar” Skill Training Program was inaugurated in 2016 at Dharwad, Akola, and Bhopal. So far total 1130 candidates have been trained and out of it, 765 candidates have been successfully placed. We have started the training of new batches at Dharwad with 23 candidates in Tractor Operator and Mechanic domain.
This intervention has been very helpful to create rural employment and farm mechanization.

New Training batches under PMKVY

PMKVY is the flagship vocational skill training scheme of the NSDC under Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurshipobjectivizes to train the rural youth of Haryana and to provide them with employment linkage to improve the livelihood of the farmers and unemployed rural youth in Agriculture and Food processing domains. In total, ISAP aims to train 1650 candidates and we have successfully trained 607 candidates under this training program in Gharaunda block of Karnal District


Connecting FPCs with Organized Retailers

Where to sell the produce to get the real worth of it? It has always been a very big question for small and marginal farmers. Generally, farmers do distress sale to get cash in hand for sowing in the next season and to repay their loans. Also, there are a number of middle-men involved in the selling chain who provide advances to the farmers and buy the produce at half of its price. To overcome such difficulties and empower our poor farmer, it is very important that they should get connected to organized wholesalers and retailers to get the true value of their produce.

Likewise, this FPC Basavanbagewadi Horticulture Farmer Producer Company Ltd of Kolhar, Karnataka grows Bijapur local variety of onion had nowhere to sell to get the proper value of it before the intervention and were dependent solely on traders and aggregators for the sale of their produce. They were naive and were not able to fetch remunerative prices for their produce. Many of the member farmers recall ruefully, how they were not very well aware of post-harvest management and would suffer because of it.

ISAP has been instrumental in empowering the FPC by providing trainings on post-harvest management and market linkages. The FPC sold 510 tonnes of onion to Fom focus, Surabhi, HOP Scom’s, Saffal, Hosakote and Chitamani FPO directly without the involvement of any middle-men. This became a huge success for the FPC. For the first time the onion growers have received the real value for their produce.

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14 Feb,2019

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17 Feb, 2019

Hydroyatra 2019
9 Feb,2019
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Urban Ag: A complete course in Urban Farming
23 Feb, 2019
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Mushroom Cultivation Training for Agripreneurs
24 Feb,2019

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