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Water conservation

Multiple use water services: In rural India water is used for various purposes viz. drinking, washing, agriculture, Livestock, poultry, industries etc. The use of water can be classified into two main categories i.e. “Domestic” and “Productive”. Domestic water use generally includes all the household water needs and productive purpose includes income generation activities. But in most cases, water sources, uses and users are not well integrated, leaving scope for improvements in water use efficiency, livelihoods, and equitable water use. ISAP is promoting multiple water use services through its programmes.

Watershed management: ISAP works to bring change in rural communities through watershed, natural resource management and participatory irrigation management. We have in-house know how for rain water harvesting and have introduced small checkdams (Anicuts) in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Rajasthan with the participation of village communities.

Low cost micro irrigation: Drip and sprinkler irrigation methods are efficient ways to improve crop management, soil management and increase crop yield. Farmers can get more crop per drop of water. High cost is a major constraint for small and marginal farmers in adopting this method. ISAP has partnered with organisations that can provide micro-irrigation systems at affordable cost.

Safe drinking water: It is estimated that around 21% of Indians are affected by water-borne diseases annually. Chemical contamination of ground water is a major problem, particularly due to fluoride and arsenic. ISAP has taken the initiative of setting up of arsenic and fluoride removal plants in acutely affected areas.

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