Functional Areas
1. Agri-Extension Services
ISAP agri-extension services involve bridging the knowledge gap through farmer awareness campaigns, resolving farmer queries through ‘Query Redress Service’, bridging the digital divide by expanding the ICT outreach, developing network among stakeholder and establishing knowledge delivery mechanism through promotion of community radio.

For effective service delivery, ISAP undertakes extensive networking with different stakeholders, like development institutes, extension officers, agri-input and service providers, donor agencies, government departments and prominent state level NGOs. With support of the partners, ISAP conducts Farmers’ Awareness Campaigns and Farmers Training to generate awareness among the rural farmers with the objective of expanding the outreach and revamp the extension services. ISAP has already trained 78,380 farmers at 2,064 locations in all the 48 districts of Madhya Pradesh.

i) ICT Services in Agriculture

ISAP with support of Microsoft - Unlimited Potential Programme has established ‘Community Technology Learning Centres (CTLCs)’ in remote villages of Maharashtra to provide IT training to 45,000 farmers and unemployed youth. Under two-year programme, ISAP would be setting up 250 CTLCs at village level for imparting IT training to rural community and increase their income earning potential.

ISAP is working on online weekly price monitoring system of herbal & medicinal plants with the funding support of National Medicinal Plant Board. ISAP gathers and manages authentic data about the weekly price and demand for 101 medicinal plants from 50-marketing centers in different states of the country. These data are weekly upgraded on the basis of prices and quantity offered for different medicinal plants.
ii) Community Radio Stations (CRS)
Timely availability of reliable information is the key to achieve sustainable food production and mitigate risks. Toward this community radio stations will act as an effective tool of communication and create platform to share experiences, perspectives and innovations to increase yield and reduce labour. ISAP has been identified as one of seven organizations in the country to establish community radio station. It will set up the first radio station at Shironj block of Vidhisa district in Madhya Pradesh.
iii) Query Redress Services (QRS)
Transfer of technical and scientific knowledge to the farmers is one of the primary functions of ISAP. QRS enables ISAP to provide solutions to farmer’s queries pertaining to agricultural practices, problems, productivity improvement, scientific farming and improved technology for production to farming community. ISAP is running a query redress services (QRS) funded by One World South Asia (OWSA). The queries are received via electronic mail, by post and through telephone and responded within 24 hours. Currently ISAP receives more than 300 queries per day from farmers of Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh farmers, where it runs this service. Upto 14th Feb. 2008, ISAP has responded to 78,505 online queries besides many more through the offline medium.
ISAP received National Award on E-governance 2007-08
Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals (ISAP), a Delhi based not-for-profit organization, has received National Award on E-governance 2007-08 for its ICT-based initiative Soochna-Se-Samadhan under Specific Sectoral Award: Focus area Agriculture. Dr KL Chadha, Chairman, ISAP received this prestigious award from Shri A. Raja, Honorable minister for Communication and Information Technology at the inaugural session of the XIth National Conference on e-governance. Conference was organized by Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, Government of India (http://darpg.nic.in) at Panchkula on 07-08th February 2008.
iv) NGO Networking
ISAP provides agri-extension services to corporate sector, looking for end-to-end solutions in supply chain management with an effective involvement of farmer groups, producer companies and NGOs. It provides comprehensive extension services with knowledge transfer, technical advice on production and post harvest management to farmers so that the corporate bodies are assured of quality and farmers of remunerative returns on their produce.
2. Training and Entrepreneurship development
ISAP imparts training primarily focusing on skill upgradtion, entrepreneurship development and domain knowledge on commodity futures and trading.
i) Entrepreneurship Development Program
This is being provided to unemployed agriculture and allied sector graduates in 9 states under the aegis of MANAGE. During 2007-08, ISAP has trained 864 agripreneurs, formulated 438 detailed bankable projects and established 185 economic ventures.
ii) Skill Upgradation Training Program
Skill upgradation training is provided to enhance livelihood opportunity among Farmers’, NGOs, SHGs and youth. Main objective of the training programme is to enrich skills among farmers, farm women, artisans, craftsmen and unemployed rural youth that will widen job opportunities and enhance their income generating potential. So far ISAP has trained more than 300 youth and farmers on aonla production, medicinal plants, food processing and organic farming.
3. Market Linkage Program
ISAP fosters market linkages between buyers and sellers for various agriculture, horticulture crops and their allied products. This enables to bring the marketing stakeholders on one platform. Such events have witnessed effective participation from central and state government agro-marketing agencies like APEDA, National Horticulture Board, KVICs, Farmer groups/Organizations, NGOs, Producers and major Buyers of different commodities not only from within the country but also abroad. The impact has been very good as many of the producer groups could finalize profitable deals with major buyers. Some of the national/ international events, organized by ISAP are :
• Apple and Temperate Fruits at Shimla (HP) and Srinagar (J & K).
• Banana Conference & Festival, New Delhi.
• Dairy Value Chain meet, Chennai.
• Honey Meet, New Delhi.
• International Buyer and Seller Meet on Medicinal & Herbal Plants, New Delhi.
• International Conference on Commodity Supply Chain Management, New Delhi.
• Pulses Meet, New Delhi.
4. Project Planning and Development
To strategise intervention components and implementation mechanism for agricultural and rural development programmes, Project Planning and Development Division of ISAP provides consultancy and market research services to various clients including central and states governments. The focus areas are:
• Agribusiness Development
• Cluster/Market Mapping for Agro-Based Products
• Impact Assessment/Baseline Surveys
• Monitoring and Evaluation
• Project Planning and Feasibility Studies
5. Industry Support

ISAP is accredited by Ministry of Commerce for issuing ‘Certificate Of Origin’ (Non-preferential). It acts as Chamber of Commerce for the benefit of exporters of agricultural produce, processed foods and also other items. The services include the following:

• Issue of Certificate Of Origin - Non Preferential (NP) for shipments from India.
• Special CCO (NP) for shipments to Mexico.
• Certifying translations of legal documents for sending to buyers abroad.
6. Centre for Financial Inclusion
ISAP recognizes the advantages of an open and transparent trading system offered at national level electronic spot market and derivatives trading platforms in equities, commodities as well as other asset classes. Further, we believe that efficient and transparent marketing system will ensure a fair deal to the farmers, producers and consumers. This process will drive inclusive and equitable growth as well as maximize the benefits of globalization across each section of the society. So, ISAP has set up a ‘Centre for Financial Inclusion (CFI)’ to advocate policies which would make all financial markets more affordable and accessible to masses and drive the inclusive growth. Areas for advocacy would be Agriculture/Commodities, access to Capital for Small and Medium enterprises (SMES), household access to bond markets and access to currency risk management platforms.

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